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Need Quran lessons for beginners? You’re in the right place. Bismillah Schooling is an online Quran Academy based in the US and providing Quran lessons online all across the globe. Now you can enroll in any online Quran course and learn from anywhere. With flexible timings, you can schedule your class whenever you want.

From hiring Quran tutors to training them, we take every step to provide you with the best online classes for learning Quran. Starting from the basic Quran reading lessons to advanced Tajweed rules and Hifz course, choose any type of online Quran learning course.

Flexible Timings

Let us know and schedule your Quran lesson any time as per your availability because we are available for you 24/7.

Customized Packages

You can also design your own package for every online Quran program to include the types of facilities and perks you want.

Discounted Fee

Get connected to us to avail the amazing discounts no matter what type of online Quran classes you choose.

Who Can Get Online Quran Education With Us?

When it comes to our online Quran tutoring services, we haven’t put any limitations. Neither have we imposed any prerequisites to enroll in our online Quran academy. There are no age or gender limitations either. So whether you need an online Quran school for yourself, your siblings, child, or one-to-one, Bismillah Schooling is here to provide you Quran lessons online.
  • Online Quran Lessons for Kids

We have expert teachers who are masters of teaching Quran lessons to beginners. Starting from the basic Quran reading lessons, we make students fluent Quran readers, reciter, or Hafiz, depending on their program. That’s what makes us the best when it comes to online Quran teaching websites for kids. 

  • Online Quran Lessons for Adults

No matter what your age is, if you need an online Quran teaching academy, Bismillah Schooling is here to help you out. Your age is just a number for us. All our online Quran programs are also available for adults. So no matter what type of Quran online courses you are looking for.

Quran Teaching Online - What We Offer?

Here is what you will get when hiring our online Quran academy.

One-to-One Classes

With one to one classes, you are the only student in the class to learn comfortably.

FREE Trial

Get FREE trial classes to know how we provide you with the best in Quran tutoring online.

Multiple Packages

With multiple packages, we have made hiring a Quran academy online super affordable.

Best Online Quran Teaching Platforms

By using the best teaching software, we make Quran reading classes online fun for you.

Women's Quran Classes Online

Need an online Quran academy for girls? Bismillah Schooling has expert female tutors who can help you, your daughter, sister, or mother to get Quranic courses online. With female tutors, girls can get online Quran lessons more comfortably that ultimately leads to better learning.

Whether you need an online Quran school for a kid girl, young or a woman, get connected to us and hire the female teachers to start learning the Holy Book. From an online Quran reading course to Quran memorization, Tajweed, recitation, and translation, we are offering all types of Quranic courses for girls. 

So contact us and Book your FREE Trial now. If you like the trial, you can continue your regular classes. 

Quran Academy Online Courses

With a variety of Quran courses, choose the one that you like the most. Here are the types of online Quran programs Bismillah Schooling is offering you.
Want to learn the Quran reading rules? In our online Tajweed course, you get the most qualified Qari who will teach you Tajweed rules starting from the basic to advanced. By the end of the course, you will have mastered how to pronounce each word of the Holy Quran correctly.
Whether you want to Hifz the entire Quran or any part of it, we are here to make a Hafiz. With the right tricks and guidance, we help you memorize the Quran more easily. So get connected to us because our online Quran memorization course is available all across the world.
Learn Qirat of the Holy Quran to be able to recite the Holy Quran in various dialects. You will learn Quran recitation online by applying the rules of Tajweed. You will get a qualified Qari who will teach you how to recite the Quran online while applying Tajweed rules to make it more beautiful.

Need An Online Quran Academy? Why Hire Us?

Let’s have a look at what makes Bismillah Schooling the best Quran academy online not only in the USA and UK but in the entire world.

Performance Reports

We provide you with a true picture of your child’s performance. Our teachers keep a proper track of their students where each student’s progress is monitored and tracked with the right tools. If your child is learning, you can get connected to our teacher any time to know the performance.

Strict Selection Process

To provide you with a qualified Quran teacher, we have a strict selection process where we only hire experienced tutors who know how to provide a Quran lesson for beginners. We also take tests before hiring a tutor for you, hence picking the best one for you.

Trustworthy Software for Security

Your privacy matters to us the most. That’s why we only use the most trusted software. From online skype Quran classes to zoom Quran classes, we adopt only trustworthy software that is not only super easy to operate but compatible with any device you have. Hence, you can get Quran lessons safely.

24/7 Support

No matter what type of problems you are facing, our team is always available for you. Besides, we are available for you 24/7 so you can hire us or ask any questions no matter what the time is. Our team will instantly get connected to you whenever you contact us.

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Multilingual Support

Be it British English, American, Canadian, or Australian, we have Quran teachers who can speak all of these languages. Not only this but our tutors can also teach you the Holy Quran in Urdu. So we are available for you in multiple languages

Classes Monitoring System

What makes us the best online Quran academy is our monitoring policy where each teacher is closely observed. We monitor not only the students' performance but also keep a keen eye on how well the students are getting taught.



One of the most important assets we have is the reviews of our students. By the grace of Allah Almighty and the hard work of our team over the years, we have successfully managed to satisfy a lot of students with our online Quran tutoring. Bismillah Schooling has students from all over the world. From kids to adults, males to females, we have taught everyone. Let’s have a look at what our students and their parents are talking about our Quranic studies courses.

How To Hire Us?

Ready to learn the Quran with us? We have made it very simple to hire us and start learning the Quran with us. Take a minute out of your precious time and follow these simple steps to schedule your Quran lessons online with us.
Get connected to us by following any one of the ways mentioned below. After connecting, if you want to schedule a meeting with us, suggest a suitable time to contact you. Otherwise, proceed to the step.
As mentioned above, we are offering a variety of courses. From Quran reading with or without Tajweed to learning recitation, translation, or Hifz course, choose the one you are interested in.
With over 3 different packages, we have made online Quran programs affordable for you. So choose the package that you like the most. If not, then customize your own package.
Before hiring us, schedule your FREE trial class to know how we will teach you.

After the class, if you decide to continue learning the Quran with us, pay our fee via:

    • Master Card
    • Visa Card
    • Western Union
    • Paypal
    • Direct Bank Account

How To Contact Us?

When it comes to hiring us, as mentioned above the first step is to get connected to us. So here are some of the ways you can contact us any time you would like.

  • Contact us via Whatsapp.
  • Call us directly at +447402 386215
  • Send us an email at  
  • Talk to our chatting team live 24/7
  • Fill the form below. Just enter your Name, Email, choose the course and type your message (like suggesting us the time to contact you).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look at the most frequently asked questions of hiring us.

How Many Online Quran Lessons Will I Get?

It depends on the type of package you have chosen. You will be getting anywhere between 12 to 20 lessons per month depending on your package.

Where Can I Hire The Online Quran Academy?

You can hire us from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and any country in the world. Our online Quran lessons are available all across the world.

Is There An Age Limit To Enroll In Quran Programs?

We have no age limit when it comes to learning the Quran. No matter what your age is, all of our courses and packages are available for you.

What Language Do Your Teachers Speak?

Our teachers are fluent English speakers so we provide our Quran lessons in English. Besides, our classes are also available in Urdu and Hindi.

Which Software Will I Need To Get Quran Lessons?

Typically, we provide Quran classes on Skype and Zoom. But we can use other apps as well like Microsoft Teams etc. if you like.

What If I Miss My Online Quran Lesson?

If you can’t attend a class, let us know beforehand, we can reschedule it for you so you do not lag in your course.