Learning Quran For Beginners | Steps For Easy & Quick Learning


Learning the Quran for beginners is quite a tough task. That’s why “how to learn Quran for beginners?” is the top query people search for on the internet.

So, if you are facing these problems and looking for classes to learn how to read Quran for beginners, you come to the right place. Bismillah is here to assist you at every stage of learning the Quran for beginners.

We are going to share with you some simple steps to start learning the Quran for beginners. 

Bismillah Schooling is an online Quran Academy headquartered in the United States that offers Quran education to people all over the world. You can now join any online Quran course and learn from the comfort of your own home. You can schedule your lesson whenever you want with flexible scheduling.

Bismillah Schooling – Best In Quran Teaching For Beginners

We provide online Quran classes for beginners with flexible timing to provide you one to one sessions. This one-to-one session is an easy way to learn Quran for beginners. We also provide customized packages to make it easy for you on what you afford.  As a beginner, it is hard to find a comfort zone with tutors, so we offer you the facility to change them any time any day. 

We take every effort to give you the best online sessions of Quran learning for beginners, from hiring Quran teachers to training them with how to teach Quran to beginners. So we have expert male and female online Quran Tutors. 

Note: Read this blog to find out how to learn Quran for beginners and how to read the Quran for beginners with comfort and in no time. Further in this blog, you will find basic quran learning and why we are the best in providing online Quran learning for beginners. 

How To Learn The Quran For Beginners? – Easy Steps To Start

Learn The Quran

At first glance, it may appear to be difficult to even read the Quran, particularly if you do not know how to read Arabic. You could believe as beginners that you’ll never be able to read and recite the Holy Quran fluently. Making up your mind to memorize the Quran is even harder for beginners.

However, these are all misconceptions. There is an easy way to learn Quran. So, here are a few steps to learn the Quran for beginners. Following these steps will make the Quran for beginners easier. Through these steps, At Bismillah Schooling, you or your children whoever is the beginner will be able to learn the Quran quickly and easily.

Some may suggest that you begin with Rehmani Qaida, while others may suggest that you begin with the smaller chapters like the 30th Juz of the Holy Quran. You might also be told that Tajweed is the best way to memorize the Quran. With so many viewpoints, you may become perplexed and yet have no idea how to learn the Quran for beginners.

To keep you out of these confusing thoughts, here are a few steps to assist you to learn to read the Quran for beginners, recitation, and memorization of the Holy Quran. So, let’s get started with the steps on how to begin reading Quran for beginners.

1) Start With Noorani Or Rehmani Qaida

Starting with Noorani or Rehmani Qaida is the best way to learn the Quran at 1st stage. Rehmani Qaida is a book that helps in the learning of the Quran for beginners. Rehmani Qaida should be your first Quran learning guide if you have no prior knowledge of the Holy Quran or the Arabic language.

Rehmani Qaida is an excellent Qaida who can help you with everything from recognizing Arabic words and symbols to learning the consonants, short vowels, and long vowels and finally reading the Quran for beginners. If you’re a beginner and don’t know how to read the Holy Quran, your first step in learning the Holy Quran should be to get a Rehmani Qaida. This step will lead you towards learning the Quran in an easy way.

At Bismillah Schooling, we will assist you in learning Rehmani Qaida for tajweed beginners. Simply connect with us to begin learning from the comfort of your own home. We will help in learning to read Quran in Arabic.

2) Read The Quran – Start With Easy Chapters

After learning the Qaida, you will have a basic comprehension of the Arabic vocabulary. Now, you’re familiar with them and can read them. It is time to go to the next level and begin reading the Holy Quran. The goal is to read the verses of the Quran rather than merely the words.

You will begin by reading the verses of the Holy Quran in this step. However, many believe that reading the verses of the Quran is difficult for beginners. The main reason for this is that they begin reading from big chapters like Surah Al-Baqarah. 

No doubt, it is hard to read long chapters at this stage. So, you should begin reading the Quran with simple and short chapters and develop fluency.

Bismillah Schooling tutors will help you out in finding an easy Surah in Quran to read. If you want to learn these Surahs from the ground up, get in touch with our expert tutors.

3) Learn Quran Recitation For Beginners

After learning to fluently read the Quran, It’s time to learn the Quran recitation. However, before that, you have to find your style of recitation. It is not necessary to learn the Quran recitation, but if you are interested, you should do so. You can do so by enrolling in the online Quran recitation course that we provide.

We don’t make beginners a barrier to learning Quran recitation online. We provide a course of learning Quran recitation for complete beginners. We have both male and female tutors, so get in touch with us if you require online Quran recitation sessions for a boy or a girl. There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars every month to learn to recite the Quran. For as little as $44.99 per month, you can learn Quran recitation in 30 min classes.

4) Learn Quran Reading With Tajweed For Beginners

Understanding Tajweed regulations will help you take your Quran recitation to the next level. Tajweed does not have to be learned by every Muslim. It’s all a matter of personal preference. Learning tajweed for beginners is essential to becoming an expert in Quran recitation.

You may learn how to pronounce each Quranic word or letter. How do you say them correctly? You can avoid even the most minor blunders in reading the Quran if you have a firm grasp of Tajweed regulations. 

To avoid mistakes at an early stage, learning the Quran with tajweed for beginners is very important. This step is an easy way to understand Quran. 

You can also benefit from Bismillah Schooling in this domain. We offer tajweed lessons for beginners. Simply enroll in the online Tajweed course, and we’ll walk you through every step of learning the Quran in Tajweed. Our skilled Quran teachers know how to help beginners and kids to learn the Holy Quran. You can take online Quran Tajweed For as little as $44.99 per month, you can learn Quran Tajweed in 30 min classes.

5) Quran Memorization – Your Choice To Get More Reward

After you have learned the Quran reading, recitation, and Tajweed, there is still something left. You can memorize the Holy Quran. Due to the rewards Allah has provided, countless people are interested in memorizing the Holy Quran. It is now up to you to decide whether or not you want to gain the title of Hafiz. Start memorization from short Surahs. This step will provide you with an easy way to learn Quran by heart.

Bismillah Schooling provides an online Quran Memorization course under highly skilled tutors in one-to-one classes. There is no age limit or gender barrier. You can choose your course with a minimum amount of $44.99 per month.

How To Learn Quran Online For Beginners Online Quickly?

1) Find The Learning Environment

Make sure to sit in a quiet area when attending your Quran lessons for beginners to avoid being distracted by the goings-on around you. Also, be sure that the device you’ll use to take your Quran class for beginners is properly connected to the internet and has the online classroom app loaded.

2) Clear Your Mind Before Start

To learn Quran reading for beginners quickly, clearing your mind of any stress or undesirable thoughts is very important. This is required before classes of the Quran for beginners online and focuses solely on your goal the mind can only think of one thing at a time.

3) Make Notes Through Writings

While taking notes on a laptop or mobile device required high typing speed. During beginner Quran lessons, using a pen and paper can help you take notes quickly. Taking notes by hand is more convenient than typing on a computer or mobile device, studies have shown that the process of writing out the information improves understanding and recall.

4) Don’t Hesitate To Ask Questions Of Your Teacher

Asking questions are critical components of meaningful learning. As a result, you should not only pay attention to your teacher but also interact with him or her and ask all of the questions and queries that come to mind in order to better comprehend your lectures. So asking questions from  Quran lessons for beginners is very important to learn Quran online quickly.

5) Learn With Full Energy In Short Periods Of Time

It has been demonstrated that learning in short sessions is far superior to learning in longer periods. A single session should last between 30 and 45 minutes. In other words, whereas 30 minutes is the very minimum for acquiring sufficient knowledge and storing it in memory, more than 45 minutes is deemed too much information for your brain to process at once.

Bismillah Schooling offers one-to-one classes and each class has a duration of 30 to 45 minutes.

Our Learn Quran Online Course At Basic Level For Beginners

Why Contact Us To Learn

In learning to read the Quran for beginner’s course, we provide a basic level of learning. In this course you will learn the following components:

  • The Arabic Alphabet
  • Letters Forms
  • Shaddah
  • Shaddah with Tanween
  • Laam rules
  • Arabic diacritics
  • Sukun
  • Vowels
  • Madd – Lengthening
  • Characteristics of the Quranic writing

Why Contact Us To Learn The Quran For Beginners?


1) Expert Online Male & Female Quran Tutors For Beginners

Bismillah Schooling hires qualified teachers and trains them how to teach Quran to beginners. Our online Quran male and female tutors are experts in their respective fields. We make every effort to provide our beginners with qualified and knowledgeable teachers. 

Our tutors with strong recitation and communication skills are hard to come by. We know how to make it happen for you. Our tutors Help students in the translation of the holy quran in easy English.

  • Tajweed certification or Quran memorization certification
  • Recitation correction methods and talents are required
  • Excellent communication and language abilities in English
  • Graduation from a globally recognized university
  • Communication in Arabic and spoken English
  • Reliable, prompt, and easy to reach 24/7

2) Organized Class Structure For Beginners Learnings

The following is the structure of classes learn Quran online for beginners:

  • Gender (Tutor):               Male and Female
  • Class Type:                     One-to-One
  • Class Duration:              30-45 Minutes
  • Age Level:                       5 or Above Years
  • Levels :                             Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Requirements:                None 
  • Course Level:                 Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Course Period:               Depends upon student’s ability
  • Languages:                    English, Urdu & Hindi
  • Tools:                              Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, 
  • Fee:                                 $44.99 to $119.99 per month
  • Discount Availability:     Yes

3) FREE Trial Classes For Beginners

To assure quality and help our students, Bismillah Schooling provides classes for learning Quran for beginners free. This is an exam for beginner students. Before determining whether or not to enroll in classes, the student will conduct research on the academy and the teacher.

You won’t have to spend anything until you’re satisfied with the service as a result of the free online early classes. In addition to assessing the student’s knowledge, the teacher will produce a report.

Before you engage us, sign up for a FREE TRIAL to take free online Quran classes for beginners. You may get a free trial by clicking or touching the symbol below.

4) Classes Around The Clock- Flexible Scheduling For One-To-One Sessions

Beginners can arrange lessons whenever they want to learn the Quran online. Because Bismillah Schooling is open all the time. You can schedule your classes around the clock. It is simple to change one’s class schedule. It enables students to tailor their education to their individual needs.

5) Customized Packages & Fee Discount

At Bismillah Schooling, we provide customized packages and fee discounts. You can even create your own bundle for each online Quran program, including the amenities and privileges that you desire. Connect with us to take advantage of incredible discounts on whatever type of online Quran programs you pick.

6) Completion Certificates – To Motivate Our Beginners

Bismillah Schooling does weekly assessments of its students especially at the beginning level to encourage them.

We hold competitions among our students to keep them motivated and driven, and we guide and encourage them to practice more than usual in order to achieve greater outcomes.

Certificates and cash prizes are given to the top performers in recognition of their efforts. A certificate is given to all students enrolled in this course. This platform’s administrator has signed it.

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