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Are you an adult and looking for Quran Classes in Singapore? Didn’t Find Any?

Don’t Give Up!

Get in touch with us to find the best online Quran classes for adults. For years, we’ve been offering online Quran classes in Singapore. We have professional online Quran tutors to help you in Quran learning one-to-one.

Through online courses on Bismillah Schooling, you can start from scratch and become a good reader and learner of the Holy Quran.

We’ve recruited qualified tutors from around the world to support and help you learn the Quran online in Singapore using Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or any other program you’re familiar with.

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Bismillah Schooling – Best In Quran Teaching For Adults

Bismillah Schooling offers adult online al Quran classes with flexible scheduling to provide you with one-on-one sessions. This one-on-one session is a simple approach for people to learn the Quran.

We also provide customizable packages to help you decide what you can afford. As a novice, it can be difficult to find a comfortable tutoring environment, so we provide the option to switch tutors at any time, on any day.

From hiring an online Quran teacher in Singapore to training him/her on how to teach Quran to students, we provide you with the best online sessions of Quran learning for beginners. As a result, we have expert male and female Quran tutors available online.

Read this blog to find out how to connect with us for Quran reading classes in Singapore and further why we are the best in providing online Quran learning for adults.

How To Register For Online Quran Class In Singapore

To enroll at Bismillah Schooling, simply follow these steps to hire a professional online Quran learning center in Singapore.

Choose Your Course

We offer a range of courses for you, ranging from learning to read the Quran to becoming a Hafiz and mastering the norms of Tajweed to learning Quran recitation, Tafseer, and translation, which we shall discuss following this procedure. We have arranged a tafsir class, tajweed class, and Quran recitation class for adults to help you in Quran learning.

In this stage, simply choose and inform us of the type of online Quran course you wish to take.

We offer online Quran classes in Singapore for the following courses.

  1. Learn Quran Online
  2. Online Tajweed Course
  3. Quran Memorization Online
  4. Online Quran Recitation Course

Learn Quran Online
Our Learn Quran Online course is specifically designed to help you build and enhance your reading skills while you’re at home. We assist you not only in learning to read the Quran online but also in mastering the recitation, Tajweed rules, translation, and Tafseer through a series of courses. We can assist you in becoming a Quranic Hafiz.

Online Tajweed Course
This online Tajweed course will teach you how to read the Quran with tajweed, which will help you become a more effective Quran reader. We teach you everything you need to know about reading the Quran correctly, from the fundamentals to the advanced course.You will learn advanced Tajweed rules, which you will be able to use by the end of the course. We offer three levels to help you perfect Tajweed recitation, from beginner to intermediate to advanced. 

Quran Memorization Online
By applying Tajweed rules to the Quran, this course seeks to make youngsters and adults online Hafiz of the Quran. We’ve made it very easy for you to memorize the Quran while working, running a business, or being a student with one-on-one classes and flexible times.When it comes to our Quran memorization programme, we have no constraints or prerequisites for children, adults, or boys and girls. 

Online Quran Recitation Course
Both children and adults can take the Online Quran Recitation Course. So, if reciting the Quran intrigues you, connect with us and schedule a FREE online recitation class with us right away. In this course, we teach you all you need to know to become an experienced Quran Qari, from reading the Quran to reciting it perfectly.We assign you to an expert Qari who will first assist you in learning Tajweed rules and then assist you in learning Quran recitation online.

Pick Your Preferred Package

Financial sources are not the same for everyone. Everyone may not have the financial means to spend the same amount for adult online Quran programs in Singapore.

You may be on a tight budget and seeking a low-cost online Quran academy to learn Quran in Singapore on the internet.

That is why, for each course you select, we have different packages available. Every bundle comes with its own set of benefits based on how much you’re willing to pay.

Every bundle has the same goal in mind: to assist you in learning the Quran online. However, the time it takes to learn the Quran at home in Singapore varies depending on the package you choose.

We offer the following packages:

Starter Package(The Most Affordable One) Advanced Package(Economical Package) Family Package(Family Support)
Classes Per Month: 12 Classes
Duration: 30 min
Classes Per Month: 20 Classes
Duration: 30 min
Classes Per Month: 20 Classes
Duration: 45 min

Get In Touch With Us

Contact us using one of the methods listed below to finalize your deal about the Course package.

  • Contact us via Whatsapp
  • Call us directly at +44 7440 028617
  • Send us an email at info@bismillahschooling.com   
  • Talk to our chatting team live 24/7
  • Fill out the form below. Just enter your Name, Email, choose the course and type your message (like suggesting us the time to contact you).

Contact With Online Quran Tutor

We’ll make it easy for you to find the best online Quran tutors. You don’t have to go through every teacher’s profile to identify the one who is suitable for you. To assist you in learning Quran in Singapore, our staff selects the best certified online Quran teacher.

If you are unhappy with the tutor we have assigned to you, we can switch tutors. You only need to contact us and tell us that you wish to learn the Quran in this step.

Request A FREE TRIAL Class

Before you hire us, make sure you’re happy with our online Quran tutors. So, before you pay us, sign up for a FREE TRIAL. See how our online Quran teachers can assist you in learning the Quran. Simply let us know when you wish to arrange your Trial class in this step.

Pay Your Fee

If you like our services and wish to keep them, pay the money for the package you choose.

We accept payments in a variety of ways for your convenience. As a result, you can make a payment to us using the following methods:

  • Paypal
  • Visa Card
  • Western Union
  • Master Card
  • Direct Bank Account

Online Quran School – Why Are We The Best?

Bismillah Schooling is an online Quran teaching academy dedicated to providing competent Quran teachers as well as a welcoming learning environment.

Because of our strict instructor selection process, quality control team, various packages, low pricing structure, and flexible schedule, we are the greatest website school for learning the Quran online in Singapore.

Expert Online Tutors – Male & Female Tutors For Adults In Singapore

Bismillah Schooling has competent teachers who are trained to teach the Quran to learners. Our online Quran tutors, both male & female, are professionals in their disciplines.

CertificationTajweed certification & Quran memorization certification
LanguagesArabic & English
GraduationReputed Institutions
QualityReliable & Prompt
AccessibleEasy to reach 24/7
Talent RequiresCorrect Recitation

Organized Class Structure For Adults

The following is the structure of classes for adults to provide home-based Quran learning in Singapore:

Gender (Tutor)Male and Female
Class TypeOne-to-One
Class Duration30-45 Minutes
Age Level5 or Above Years
LevelsBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Course LevelBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Course PeriodDepends upon student’s ability
LanguagesEnglish, Urdu & Hindi
ToolsMicrosoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp
Fee$44.99 to $119.99 per month
Discount AvailabilityYes

Fee Discount & Customized Packages

We provide customized packages and cost discounts at Bismillah Schooling. You may also construct your bundle for each online Quran course, with all of the features and benefits that you choose.

Contact us to receive significant discounts on whatever type of online Quran courses you choose.

Our Feedback Policy For Quran Classes For Adults In Singapore

Our feedback policy for Quran classes for adults in Singapore is as follows:

  • Students can see how far they’ve progressed in learning the Quran by keeping track of their progress.
  • Throughout the course, parents (if the learner is a child) and participants are kept updated.
  • The sessions are held to address the issues and find solutions that are acceptable to all parties.
  • After each lesson, students receive comments on their progress.
Before you engage us, sign up for a FREE TRIAL to attend free online Quran courses for adults in Singapore. A free trial is available by clicking or pressing the symbol below.