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Looking to learn the Holy Quran in Australia, but are unaware about where you should learn it? Do not fret, as Bismillah Schooling is here to help you out. We provide the proper Online Quran learning in Australia without any extra confusion.

We have the most competent, trained, and most experienced online Quran teachers in Australia to boost your online Quran learning.

Just like our other services in the United States and England, we ensure that all of our Muslim brothers and sisters in Australia learn the Holy Quran safely. But how does Bismillah Schooling help you out? To answer the questions here is a complete and detailed guide about the online Quran classes in Australia. So, let us get started.

How To Learn Quran Online In Australia?

To hire online Quran classes, just follow these simple steps. Whether you want to learn a single Surah or the entire Quran, Bismillah Schooling provides you with everything you need. To aid you in the matter, below are a few steps to follow.

1) Choosing The Right Course

The very first step that you need to take is to hire a proper course. When choosing the proper online Quran course, you can ensure the type of online Quran learning you want to go for. Besides this, there are a number of courses that we being an online Quran academy offer. These are:

For each course, Bismillah Schooling has professional online Quran tutors who specialize in the field of teaching the Holy Quran. So, whether you want to learn to read the Quran online or you want to memorize the Holy Quran, Bismillah schooling’s online Quran tutors are the best to go for.

2) Choose The Right Package

Bismillah Schooling provides a total of three different packages to our students in Australia. All of these packages are the best depending on one’s specific needs. Thus, the packages include:

A) Starter Package

If you just want basic Quranic learning at a cheap price, the starter package is the perfect choice for you. It may seem basic, but you should know that this is not a less serviceable one. There are numerous benefits that one can get from this package at a cheaper price. Below is a table that explains the specifics of the starter package.

$44.99 fee per month                                 
Free Trial Quran Classes
12 Quran Classes In A Month with 30 Minute Duration
Online Quran Recitation Course Is Included Only
Has a flexible schedule

B) Advanced Package

This is perhaps the most common and among the most favourable packages a student can go for. The package is quite cheap while the facilities provided are quite charming. Below is the table that explains the specifics.

$69.99 fee per month
Free trial Quran classes
20 classes in a month with 30 minutes duration
All courses available
Flexible schedule is provided
Provides Namaz and Kalma teaching as well
Compensation classes available
Offers a 20% discount on two or more students

C) Family Package

The family package is the best package that you can go for. The package provides all the benefits you can get when hiring our online Quran academy in Australia. The only change that we get in this package is the change in the duration of the Quran classes. The below-mentioned specifics will enlist all the details that you need to know.

$119.99 per month
Free trial Quran Classes
20 classes in a month with 45 minutes duration
All courses included
Offers a flexible schedule
Salah/Kalma/Namaz teaching available
Compensation classes available
Switch Quran Tutor service available
30% discount on 3 or more students

3) Take Online Quran Trial Classes

Once you have selected the package, now go for our online trial classes. With the help of these classes, you can ensure that your online Quran tutor is suitable according to your standards, and you can get along with them.

4) Payment Method

Just like our classes, our payment method is completely online as well. There are a number of platforms through which you can pay your monthly fee. To make it easier for you, below are the online Payment methods that Bismillah Schooling accepts in Australia.

  • PayPal
  • Visa Card
  • Master Card
  • Western Union

We Provide Online Quran Classes In Australia For Males And Females

For Bismillah Schooling, age and gender do not matter. Whether you are a 30-year-old adult who was unable to acquire Quranic knowledge in childhood, or you want your kids to learn about their religion, Bismillah Schooling is here to provide Quranic knowledge to all of our subjects.

Besides, by holding a firm belief in women’s education, Bismillah Schooling has hired professional female Quran tutors. Therefore, all of our Muslim sisters in Australia can now learn, memorize, and understand the rules of Tajweed without any boundaries. Similarly, our Muslim brothers in Australia are free to contact us as well. Brothers, you now have the opportunity to learn the Holy Quran with us whenever you want.

Our Team

Bismillah Schooling has professional online Quran tutors who make sure that you get the maximum benefit from our online Quran classes in Australia. Our Quran tutors have acquired detailed knowledge of the Holy Quran. Besides each course, Bismillah Schooling offers a specific and qualified tutor.

For example, if we look at the online Quran memorization course, the tutors that we provide are highly professional and have memorized the Quran by heart.

If we take a look at Tajweed, then we provide online Quran tutors who have acquired detailed knowledge of the rules of Tajweed.

The point is when you hire Bismillah Schooling to learn the Holy Quran, be assured that the tutors you will get are far more skillful and qualified than the ones you will find in the local schools.

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