Know the Best Benefits Of Reading Manzil Of the Quran


The benefits of reading Manzil of the Holy Quran are numerous. It will give a reward to the one reciting the Surah as well as to the one listening. 

This Dua is generally read for the protection from evil eye and antidote. Its daily recitation also protects from robbers and burglars, as well as a general sense of safety for the home, relatives, and honor.

In this article, we will explain the massive benefits of reading Manzil of the Quran, but first, let us define What is Manzil of the Quran?

What is Manzil of the Quran?

Manzil is a collection of 33 Quranic verses. It is a compilation of various Ayat and Surah from various parts of The Noble Quran. It is a remedy and protector against the evil eye and negative spiritual effects such as Blackmagic, witchcraft, and Jins.

For ease of reading, these various Surah and Ayat are compiled in a pamphlet. Moreover, this book is easily available online or at any Islamic bookstore near you.

How To Recite The Manzil Of The Quran

The Quranic Manzil should be recited twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Also, because it is the Quran, there is no set time or limit for recitation; you can recite it whenever you have time and you will be rewarded.

Quranic verses on Manzil Dua

Al-Fatihah        11 To 7
Al-Bakarah                 21 to 5, 163, 255 to 257, and 284 to 286
Al-Imran                 318, 26 and 27
Al-A’araf                                               754 to 56
Al-Israa                          17110 and 111
Al-Muminoon                   23115 to 118
Al-Saaffaat                        371 to 11
Al-Rehman                             5533 to 40
Al-Hashr                              5921 to 24
Al-Jinn                                            72         1 to 4
Al-Kaafiroon                         109                1 to 6
Al-Ikhlas                                    112            1 to 4
Al-Falaq                                            113      1 to 5
Al-Naas                                                114  1 to 6

Benefits of Manzil Dua

This Dua is the most effective solution for black magic and other evil effects. Alhamdulillah, this Dua is extremely effective at curing any type of illness. If you do it with complete devotion, you will see positive results. 

Manzil Dua has numerous advantages (collection of Quranic verses). Let us now go over the most potential advantages

Manzil Dua for Evil-Eye Protection

Evil Eye can harm anyone, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Nothing is immune to the evil effects of Evil-Eye, not even your health or wealth. 

The Manzil Dua contains Quranic verses that can cure the grievous effect of Evil-Eye.

These verses from the Quran included in Manzil Dua should be recited in front of the patient so that the patient can hear and feel the recitation of the glorious verses of the Quran. 

By Allah’s Will, the recitation of these verses will cure the patient of Evil-Eye effects.

Manzil Dua for Opening The Closed Gates

Quranic verses in Manzil Dua is a gift from Allah Almighty. Its constant recitation will assist you in opening closed gates, for example, if there is some work you want to do but it is constantly delayed for some reason. 

Those closed doors or gates will open for you in no time, and your work will be completed exactly as you desire.

Manzil For Any valid wish

With the constant recitation of Manzil Due, Allah Subhana Talla will grant all of your valid wishes. Whether you want to get your dream job or marry into a family you like, Allah will make your wishes come true. However, keep in mind that wishes that contradict Islamic teaching will not be granted.

Manzil Dua for Protection Against Natural Disasters

Inshallah, reciting this Dua will keep you safe from natural disasters and calamities over which you have no control. 

Financial and health-related disasters will be miles away, and Allah will protect you from Evil-Eyes and other accidents throughout the day.

Manzil Dua for Marital Issues

You can also recite this Dua if you are having marital problems. It will solve marriage problems or remove any impediments to the girl or boy marriage. 

Other issues such as financial crisis, rejection of marriage proposals, unintentional delay, divorce, a failed marriage, or any other worldly issue will be resolved Inshallah by reciting the Manzil Dua.

If you suspect black magic or sorcery in your marriage, recite this Manzil Dua twice a day or after every prayer, and it will forcefully remove the Evil-Effect from your life. 

However, make certain that you recite these Quranic verses with focus and devotion. Furthermore, the proper pronunciation is essential, and it should be read slowly and calmly.

Source Of A Shower Of Blessing

As Manzil Dua contains the verses of The Quran. Reading the Holy Quran is one of the means of attaining blessings, achieving peace and prosperity, and gaining wisdom. 

According to a hadith of the Prophet (SAW) narrated by Ibn Masood (RA)” Reading one word of the Quran will give you one blessing and one blessing is equal to tenfold the likeness as a reward”.

As a result, Manzil is a source of blessing from Allah Almighty. You can recite this Due whenever you are free to receive tens of thousands of blessings.

What Is The Difference Between Manzil And Ruqyah?

There is a common misconception that Manzil and Ruqyah are the same, but this is not the case. They are both distinct in their own right. 

Manzil is a collection of 33 Quranic verses in a book. It is a collection of Ayat and Surah from various sections of The Noble Quran. Manzil is a remedy and protector against the evil eye, and it can be read to expel Blackmagic, calamities, and natural disasters. 

Imam Hakim related a hadith in his book “Al-Mustadrak” that inspired the name Manzil.

Ruqyah, on the other hand, is merely a type of therapy or an act to liberate people from the possession of jin or Evil-Eye. So Ruqyah is not the same as Manzil, and they serve different functions.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Are The Seven Manzil Of the Quran?

Starting from Al-Fatihah in chapter 1 through Al-Nisa in chapter 4 consisting of 4 Surah. AL-Maida in chapter 5 through At-Tawba in chapter 9 consisting of 5 Surah. Younas in chapter 10 through An-Nahl in chapter 16 consisting of 7 Surah. Al Isra in chapter 17 through Al-Furqan in chapter 25 consists of 9 Surah.

Does Manzil Dua Cure Jin Possession?

There is a distinction between Jin possession and Jin protection. Manzil Dua protects the reciter from Evil-Eye and Jin, but it is not used to free people from Jin’s possession. You can use Ruqyah, a book filled with Quran verses that are specifically used for Jin possession and Evil-Eye removal.


The Holy Quran has the cure for each and everything. Every single word of the Holy Quran is filled with prosperity health and well-being. Make sure you recite the Manzil of the Quran to gain all the best benefits.