How Long Does It Take to Become a Hafiz?


Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Muslims are interested in memorizing the Holy Quran. Being a Hafiz-e-Quran is a prestigious title. However, If you’re memorizing the Quran or considering it, one question that may have come to mind is “how long does it take to memorize the Quran” or “how long does it take to become a hafiz?”.

If this question is bothering you, you’re not alone. You should, after all, know how long it takes to become a hafiz. Several people’s responses may have inconsistencies. Some may suggest one year, while others may say it will take 2 to 5 years to memorize the entire Quran.

So if you are finding it difficult in calculating how long to memorize Quran, Bismillah Schooling is here to assist you with the proper schedule and guidance in memorizing the Quran. We are going to share with you some schedules to memorize the Quran for every age of Muslims.

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How Long Does It Take To Memorize the Quran?

As previously said, there is no way of knowing how long to memorize the Quran. However, having a general notion will help you stay focused and organize your Quran memorization timetable.

It usually takes anywhere from 1 to 5 years to completely Hifz Quran. But that’s only an estimate based on the average of data from several students who have memorized the Quran.

Some students have memorized the Holy Quran in under a year, and others have done it much earlier.

If you believe you have the ability, practice hard, find a good online Quran teacher and persevere, you could memorize the Quran and become hafiz in as little as one to three years.

How Long Would It Take To Memorize One Page Of Quran?

How to memorize the Quran quickly: Every student who takes part in Quran memorization classes from our network, receives a customized schedule based on his learning abilities. All you need to know is how information is stored in the brain. In the first 4 months, only one page will be memorized every month.

However, after five to six months, you’ll be able to memorize one page in two hours. According to science, Information is stored in brain cells in an accelerated accumulation system. The first page will take longer, the second will take less time, and so on. So, to answer “how long will it take to memorize the Quran?” will be given on your ability and persistence.

Contributing Factors – How Long Does It Take To Memorize The Whole Quran?

The following factors are only an estimate of how long it takes the typical student to memorize the Quran completely. This time period is influenced by a number of factors. Some of them have a significant role to play.

Let’s get started to see how many elements influence the length of time it takes to become a Hafiz.

  1. Getting An Expert Online Quran Teacher
  2. The Quran’s Memorization Interest in Children
  3. Memorizing Quran Dedication
  4. The Impact Of Age
  5. If You Are In School, Office, Or Business- It Takes Time

Getting An Expert Online Quran Teacher

Having qualified Quran teachers can make a big difference in your ability to how long it takes to memorize Quran. It not only guides you through memorizing the Quran, but it also cuts down on the time it takes to memorize the Quran.

You can now hire online Quran teachers to help you memorize the Quran without ever having to leave your house.

Now all you have to do is choose a qualified online Quran teacher and sign up for online Quran classes. The best thing about online Quran classes is that you get one-on-one coaching, making it simpler to focus and memorize the Quran. As a result, the time required to become a Hafiz is cut in half.

The Quran’s Memorization Interest in Children

How long do you need to memorize the Quran? Interest matters. If your child aspires to be a Hafiz, he or she will naturally work hard to remember the Quran. As a result, it is possible to memorize the Quran more quickly.

However, if a child is doing this solely to satisfy their parents’ desires, progress in memorizing may be poor because the child is not giving it their all.

Memorizing Quran Dedication

Dedication is required to memorize all 30 Juz. Your dedication and hard work is the most important component in becoming a Hafiz. There are two categories of students: those who are interested in learning and those who are interested in learning.

The first group is made up of people who are intimidated by the effort and believe it is impossible for them to memorize the Quran.

The second group comprises students who view memorizing the Quran as a challenge, persevere, and set themselves a difficult task. They are the ones who spend the least amount of time memorizing the Quran.

The Impact Of Age

People ask commonly “how long it takes to memorize the thirty juz in Quran?” Keep in mind the age factor while answering this query. Have you ever considered what age is best for memorizing Quran? It occurs when a person is a child. Children outperform adults when it comes to remembering the Quran. A child’s ability to memorize the Quran is influenced by a range of factors, including mental acuity, a lack of commitments, the ability to assimilate concepts, and a variety of other factors.

As a result, a 7 or 8-year-old child may take less time than a 30-year-old adult to memorize the entire Holy Quran. As a result, it is recommended that you memorize Quran as soon as possible.

If You Are In School, Office, Or Business- It Takes Time

“On average how long does it take to memorize the Quran?” if you are in other activities, it will take longer to memorize the Holy Quran. Managing school education while also learning the Quran is a difficult task. Children, on the whole, aren’t very good at it. It makes memorizing the Quran more difficult for them, and it may take them longer to memorize the Quran.

If someone is working or running a business, the situation is similar. It becomes increasingly difficult to devote more time to memorizing the Quran. As a result, a person’s ability to manage time is impaired, affecting their speed of Quran memorization.

Schedules – How Long Will It Take To Memorize The Quran?

The Arabic language is used to write the Quran. There are almost 6000 verses and 30 chapters in it. It is composed of 114 surahs (Arabic for chapters). Individual verses, also known as ayahs in Arabic, make up each surah. Choose a Holy Quran with a page count of around 600 to follow the memorization schedule effectively.

Bismillah Schooling provides several schedules to memorize the Quran effectively. These schedules are:

SchedulesVerses Per DayPages (600 Pages Holy Quran) 
Quran Memorization Schedule 1 – 5 Years5One page requires 4 days 
Quran Memorization Schedule 2 – 4 Years6One page requires 3 days 
Quran Memorization Schedule 3 – 3 Years7One page requires 2 days 
Quran Memorization Schedule 4 – 2 Years10One page requires 1 days 
Quran Memorization Schedule 5 – 1 Years20Two pages require 1 day 
Quran Memorization Schedule 6 – 6 Months40Four pages require 1 day 

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