Can I Learn the Quran Myself? Bismillah Schooling


Quran-E-Pak is not an ordinary book. It’s a holy book revealed to the Holy Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him in almost twenty-three years. 

The divinity in it can’t get addressed by oneself who doesn’t have prior knowledge of the Arabic language. So a profound and logical answer to the question, can one learn the Quran by themselves is no. But exceptions always exist. Because when we talk about learning the Quran, we mean two main things;

  • Reading the Quran
  • Understanding the Quran

Reading the Quran involves reading Arabic, which is not our native language. So it’s pretty impossible to learn it alone. 

However, as far as the understanding portion is concerned, if you become a pro in reading the Quran, you can consult various commentaries of the Quran by different authors. However, the recommended way is still to learn the language of the Quran. Both processes include some significant steps. 

Today’s Points Of Discussion

Learn To Read The Quran By Oneself
Benefits of Learning to Read The Quran by Oneself
Drawbacks of Learning to Read Quran by Oneself
Learn to Understand the Quran by Oneself
Benefits of Understanding Quran by Oneself
Drawbacks of Understanding Quran by Oneself
Difficulties You Face while Learning Quran by Yourself
The Best Way to Remove Difficulties
Join An Online Quran Academy

Learn To Read The Quran By Oneself

Learning to read the Quran by oneself is pretty tricky, but if you are a beginner, you can always start with some basic steps such as;

1. Read Noorani Qaida

Noorani Qaida is a complete package to learn the words of the Arabic language step by step. If you are a beginner, this is the right choice for you. At the end of it, you learn the essential Arabic words, which are similar to Urdu. 

You will learn the symbols from the visual representation. Moreover, reading Noorani Qaida also clarifies consonants and short and long vowels. 

2. Shorter Chapters of the Quran

After Noorani Qaida, one should start the Quran from para number thirty as it will have shorter chapters, and you get to know most of it. But remember that you can only start to read the chapters once you know how to pronounce a word. It is done through the art of combining the alphabet. 

You can master the reading of the holy book Quran by practicing the verse many times unless you get to know that it’s perfect now.

Learn the Rules of it

This portion includes the rules of the Arabic language. Such as; 

  • Where to stop in a sentence?
  • Where to do a short waqf?
  • Where to adjoin the words?
  • Where is it permissible to continue?
  • Where to take a pause?

These issues can be solved by consulting a general guideline of the Quran, which is mentioned in the last of the Quran-e-Majeed. You can check it for convenience.

3. Learn Quran Tajweed

After knowing the basics of reading the Quran, One should also learn its Tajweed. This portion includes the rules and regulations that must be followed while reading the Quran. It will give you an insight into how to pronounce a word correctly. 

Many people know English but don’t know the correct pronunciation. So the process is incomplete without the grip on tajweed rules. It’s not a matter of choice but the necessity of the hour. 

Benefits of Learning to Read The Quran by Oneself

Do you have a question? Can I learn the Quran by myself? The answer is No! Having a guide is a must. 

  • Your time to consult someone gets saved.
  • It gives you a sense of accomplishment.
  • It saves you money.

Drawbacks of Learning to Read Quran by Oneself

  • You will not get the Quran wholly.
  • You will be unable to pronounce every word correctly.
  • You will miss out on its eloquence, style, and essence.

Learn to Understand the Quran by Oneself

This part deals specifically with the understanding portion of the Quran. Understanding the message of your creature is so essential to grasp the whole meaning of it. The Quran deals with every realm of life, from psychological, spiritual, financial, and economic. 

So by understanding it, you get to know the solution to all these problems, and it will make you close to Allah. You can understand the Quran through two processes.

1. Read Commentaries

Many notable authors have written the commentaries of the Quran. These are the interpretations of the literal meaning of the original text of the Quran. Moreover, they have explained the context, revelation, and purpose of the verses through narrations of Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him. But obviously with their intellect and point of view. In this regard, one can read Maulana Abul Ala Maududi, Dr. Israr Ahmed, and Syed Qutub’s commentaries on the Quran.

2. Learn the Language of the Quran

The language of the Quran is so valuable and remarkable that one word has several meanings. Sometimes it is just used for emphasis. Moreover, the addition of vowels in some words also changes their meaning. So the recommended way is to learn the Quran’s language and then read and understand it. 

However, you can consult online lectures for it, but you cannot do it wholly on your own. How can one do one thing about which they have zero knowledge? It’s not logical and practical as well.

Benefits of Understanding Quran by Oneself

  • It gives you a broader picture.
  • However, you can’t master the language by yourself.

Drawbacks of Understanding Quran by Oneself

  • You will not be able to get the whole meaning.
  • It will become complex and complicated.

Difficulties You Face while Learning Quran by Yourself

Can you get the meaning of your textbook without guidance? Who will answer the fundamental confusion? What if you get the wrong meaning? 

These are not just questions but realities. So while learning the Quran, you will have many difficulties surrounding yourself. Some of the notable among them are;

How to Start and Keep Going

The first and fundamental problem is where one should start. The most basic difficulties that keep going with you are;

  • Should I read the rules first?
  • Or should I get the Qaida or Commentary first?
  • Which pattern do I have to follow?
  • Should it be enough?
  • You will always doubt your learning and not get confident in it, halting your growth. It makes you feel less productive and guilty.

Lack of Guidance

Proper guidance is always necessary to get the whole meaning of the Quran. It is one of the most critical problems that students who learn by themselves face repeatedly. 

Moreover, Quranic verses and language have depth; without proper guidance, one cannot achieve it. In every instance, you feel something is missing out. Something that you didn’t grab wholly. However, the feeling that it didn’t internalize in yourself makes you feel dejected and consult the teacher. The doubts waste your time and energy as well. So it’s good to learn from other experiences.

Traditional Learning 

Traditional learning is a sort of learning which takes your ability to question something for better understanding. When you learn the Quran by yourself, you don’t have the privilege to ask questions as nobody will be there to answer them. 

The unanswered questions just get piled up, and you fail to address them. However, when one question isn’t answered, the other picture also gets blurred. Because everything is connected and linked, it will also stop one’s education in the Quran.  

Fail to Recognize Mistakes 

Self-learning minimizes the option of progress because progress is only possible through constructive critical criticism as it will make you realize your mistakes and help you to grow and become intellectual. So while learning the Quran by yourself, you will have no one who makes you realize that you are incorrect here and need to be corrected. Moreover, you will get abrupt or incomplete knowledge. 

More precisely, it might lead you astray. So always go for the option that makes you confident and benefits you in the long run.

No Accountability

Accountability is the condition where you feel responsible and accountable. While learning the Quran by oneself, this is missing. Because people work better under the leadership of others, they function better as well. Without the leader, they might not be able to do their work regularly or miss out on the schedule.

The Best Way to Remove Difficulties 

It’s not advisable to read the Quran by oneself. So the most recommended way is to consult a teacher and take classes from them. 

Join An Online Quran Academy

In light of the above text, it is beneficial for you to join the Quran Academy. If it is possible, then join the physical mode classes. If not, the option of joining the Online Quran Academy is always there. 

Because there you get guidance from which you can learn better. You will get the answer to your unanswered questions.

Moreover, the time of class makes you punctual in your work. It also gives you a sense of accountability. 

You will stop looking for excuses and become focused on your Quranic education. Through the help of a teacher, you will be better able to pronounce and ponder upon the verses of the Quran.


  • Grab the full meaning
  • Become vigilant and punctual
  • Gets benefited from discussions 


Learning the Quran is itself so important. So always look for ways to get the best education. Remember that worldly life doesn’t matter much, but the last hour does matter. This article is at your service, and it helps you to understand how one should have to understand the question: can I learn the Quran myself?